Antarctic Krill Oil

25 thoughts on “Antarctic Krill Oil

  1. I like that you were on Dr. Oz with this. I was telling myself that this is
    awesome some great health professors are making it mainstream. Also I’m not
    usually this type of guy but I loved the way you (subtly) shut down that
    other lady on the Dr. Oz show. when talking about fish and krill oil.

  2. Fish oil makes me sick when I take it. Stomach cramps, abdominal pain etc.
    Does Krill oil have this side effect?

  3. This guy always has great advice you’ll never hear from the standard
    “prescriptions solve everything” style of doctor. Unfortunately most of
    what he recommends is very expensive. You have to be rich to be super
    healthy I guess. That’s why it annoys me when I see all these high income
    people eating junk food, and soda like poor people. They could have the
    finest organic diets and supplements but instead they choose the lazy junk
    food/prescription drug route.

  4. @paradiseregain There are a number of well known and respected doctors who
    recommend krill oil. It isn’t junk as you put it. Perhaps you ought to do
    more research before you make such strong and incorrect statements. You
    making a fool of yourself with your uninformed comments.

  5. @micahe There are not shellfish in krill. Krill is a crustacean and is a
    type of shellfish and should be avoided with those who have shellfish

  6. @RepentanceIsKey you can but typically not necessary to take both, usually
    one or the other and I strongly believe that krill is the better choice.

  7. @mercola thanks for the response! I understand it is no necessary. The
    question is whether it is healthier to the phospholipids keep it outside
    the fridge. otherwise I would keep it inside.

  8. I have a question you know how krill oil contains astaxanthin, does taking
    krill oil give you the same amount you would if you just took astaxanthin

  9. I have a carotenoid sensitivity and am concerned about the astaxanthin
    content of krill oil, but would really like to have the other benefits of
    krill oil. I’ve never noticed allergies to shellfish, but do have allergies
    to some fish with pink flesh such as trout and salmon. What can I do?
    Thanks for your time.

  10. @kyndra1966 Would be safe to try small amount one capsule or less and
    observe for any reactions. If you experience none then you can increase
    dose to two per day. Astaxanthin is clearly a carotenoid, probably the most
    important one with loads of benefits. Would be ashame if you could not use

  11. One of my bottles of Krill Oil came in with 3 leaked capliques. The fluid
    is all over all the others. I’ve been taking 2 out each day, and rinsing
    them before I take them. Is this safe?

  12. Hi Dr.Mercola, Antioxidants aside (I’m supplementing purely for
    bioavailable EPA and DHA), which form of marine oil offers the best value
    (I’m on a budget)? I’ll continue supplementing with fish oil until I know
    that krill oil offers better value for bioavailable EPA and DHA. Thanks for
    your thoughts on this.

  13. DR.Mercola We Love you!!! Thanks for all the hard work you have done and
    the good spirit of helping others the right way. Happy Holidays!

  14. I have type of smokers polycythemia. My hematocrit is 53%, erythrocytes are
    6.3 and everything else is normal. the PLT count is 150000 . Im 26years old
    male and i give blood every 4 months for 4 yeas now. I do not take aspirin
    only q10 sometimes. Is it oky to take krill oil ?

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